Dear God, Allah, Jahve, Jehova or whatever name you prefer.

Dear God.  It is me, one of your children. We don´t talk so much, I know, but this time I have a few questions, and also something that I would like you to hear. Since I am not one of those people who nag constantly, I really hope you will listen, just this once.

Before, about 2000 years ago, and probably before that, you were a force to recon with.  When you observed your children acting like twats, you sent burning bushes, prophets and such to give them some guidance.  But lately it seems you are letting things slip a little?

Your children, the humans, which you supposedly created in your image, has developed in a most unfortunate direction.  Not all of them, of course, but more and more of us are showing unpleasant and unfortunate tendencies.  It would be nice if you could speak to them a little, just to get things back on track again.

You have sent prophets to tell us what you wanted from us, and what you would expect, but maybe it´s time to send someone new now?  The message given by your son has kinda faded a little, and I fear the other guy, Mohammad, possibly shared his message with the wrong crowd?  My point being, that your message is kinda old and dated, and with the rise of social media and a society based on shared communication, it gets drowned out in images of dancing kittens, boobs, or other things built to entertain and distract.  Unfortunately, hate, prejudice and other stupidity spreads real quick, and I really hope you are not just watching this in silence?

In the early days, you REALLY knew how to get a message across when you were displeased! You let fire rain upon Sodoma and Gomorra, and you flooded the world to show your anger.  Nothing gets a message across like a small genocide, not anything like the weak and passive-agressive messages used by diplomats today.  Not including Putin though, he will NOT be misunderstood…

Not a bird falls from the sky without you knowing they say, but now birds, planes, children and whatever comes crashing to the ground, hard!  If you are just watching this, and refuse to act, then I find your actions, or lack thereof, highly questionable!  With all due respect, can you please assume some parental responsibility, and react, before your children creates an inhumanity, from which there is no return!

I am afraid your children is straying from the beaten path, and, I am thinking that YOU, as a responsible parent at least should correct the children’s behavior when you SEE the madness!  Even good, righteous people are expressing hateful thoughts, an hateful people execute their hate into actions…   Hatred, envy and greed is flourishing, and it is highly contagious!

Your children are weak, and will be lead astray by the ones with the louder voice, and right now, YOU voice is not to be heard.  I can totally understand that when everyone claims to fight, and be victorious in your name, it presents a problem for you.  It can´t be easy to decide who is right. At least you don´t have a favorite, I´ll give you that…   However, it poses a problem when you get all paralyzed, like you are now, and your children NEEDS guidance.  Religion is no longer about faith, purity and consideration. It is about gaining personal power, influence and recourses.  Or maybe it always did, what would I know?

I am aware of the fact that your children were equipped with free will, and that this possibly might take some responsibility away from you.  But then again, we always did, and you were not shy about correcting behavior before, so why have you gone silent now?

We were created in your image they say, and maybe we are just like you? Looking the other way when others suffer, and keep silent to avoid further problems?

Maybe the greatest hazard of all comes from within? The hate and greed that we feed, might be what finally destroys us?  That we will drown in an inner flood of possessions and desire for all we do NOT have?

Maybe the time has come to send a NEW prophet. A modern one?  I am aware that your children did crucify your son the last time you tried, but crucifiction is  frowned upon today, at least in Europe, and most parts of the civilized world.  If you don´t trust us with your sons, maybe you can send some other relative that you possibly care a little less for?

Anyway, It would be nice if you would take the time to answer my questions, but I assume, as always before, that your answer might be no…

Kind regards, amen and all that, from your little child Trine

PS: Hope you are not angry at me for not really believing in you anymore….Have a great day!